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Malisko Engineering is an industry-leading manufacturing automation system integrator with unique expertise in industrial IT and implementing practical solutions for the IIoT. We work with some of the world's largest Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Specialty Chemical, and Consumer Packaged Goods manufacturers to harness the power of the factory floor's digital exhaust. Our foundation in industrial control systems and industrial connectivity positions us to help drive IT/OT convergence and digital transformation initiatives. The IIoT helps our clients gain valuable insights into critical production KPIs such as OEE and downtime. Manufacturing intelligence is top of mind with our integrated solutions, and we prioritize understanding the unique production challenges our clients face.



Malisko Engineering, Inc.

  Dan Malyszko

  500 N Broadway, Suite 1600
St. Louis, MO 63102 United States

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500 N Broadway, Suite 1600
St. Louis, MO 63102 United States




We have a simple, practical approach to implementing IIoT solutions: Connect, Transport, Visualize & Analyze. Connecting to and harvesting useful data from industrial devices requires a deep understanding of factory floor operational technology. Much of the time, devices are already connected, but data is not easy to get to. When approaching an IIoT project, we go to great lengths to understand your industrial network and control system framework. We aim to leverage what you already have and only augment connectivity where needed.

Contemporary control systems contain a wealth of data. Capturing that data and converting that data into actionable information provides management tools capable of helping drive operational improvements in manufacturing. Malisko has repeatedly helped Clients with automatically gathering data, correlating the data and producing real-time and historical information. The end results become analysis tools used by management, production, engineering, quality and maintenance to make effective decisions driving manufacturing improvements.

The thirst for more real-time data and information originating from the plant floor requires a well-designed, secure communications network and computing system. It must be responsive, effective, robust and economic. The Industrial IT (Information Technology) platform becomes a highway capable of handling very large amounts of data and information in real-time; yet not affect the timely operation of the devices running the production lines. The platform needs to adhere to industry-wide physical and logical standards to allow the many disparate systems to connect and share data. The Industrial IT becomes a valuable resource relied upon by plant management, production, maintenance, quality assurance, engineering, off-site suppliers and corporate analysts.

Effective automated control of the process / production equipment is the cornerstone for enabling successful manufacturing. Plant floor control consists of many components; all of which need to work in unison to help manufacturing safely achieve high efficiency, high quality and high throughput. All aspects of the control system must be carefully discussed, analyzed, specified, configured, and deployed to achieve success in manufacturing. The solutions Malisko provides not only meet the technical requirements but also address the system’s support, serviceability and sustainability.

The right solution for effective, efficient and precise process control deserves a deeper dive than just saying “let’s automate”. That starts the discussion; and should lead to topics pertinent to its successful implementation. Deploying ‘process automation’ in the contemporary manufacturing environment needs to address a number of areas that Malisko is very capable, experienced and qualified to deliver.

No one pays much attention to the quality or the consumption of power when energy prices are relatively low. No one can directly touch it or feel it; yet power quality and the amount of consumption can have an impressionable impact on a manufacturing facility’s cost of operating. Electrical power quality can directly affect motor life. Opportunities to reduce energy consumption, hence lowering expenses, most likely exist in various areas of the manufacturing plant; especially when energy is defined as WAGES; Water, Air, Gas, Electricity, Steam. But many times plant managers don’t know where these opportunities exist in their plants to both extend equipment life and reduce the cost of energy consumption because little or no on-line, continuous monitoring exists in their facility. Malisko can help deploy systems specifically designed to monitor power quality and energy consumption; systems that assist with identifying the root cause of issues, point of use, surges and thus help point management in the direction of improvements. Load profiling, cost allocation, billing and sub-billing and demand management can directly benefit from PQ&EM.

Computer System Validation (CSV) is mandatory for industries required to meet FDA regulatory compliance for manufacturing. Comprehensive CSV requires detailed and complete documentation of the manufacturing automation system; from the field devices, networks, controllers, graphic displays through to the data archiving and reporting platforms. Information integrity and security are absolutes in an automation system meeting FDA compliance. Additionally topics such as SOP’s, technical training, periodic reviews, document retention and Change Control procedures must be addressed. Malisko delivers highly successful and cost effective CSV. We follow GAMP5. Our writers, subject matter experts and testers all have extensive automation system experience. Malisko knows how to seamlessly combine system documents with validation documents so both are complimentary. Malisko can provide comprehensive CSV documentation and execution, or collaborate with a Client’s Compliance Group to provide support as needed. Either way, Malisko’s CSV deliverables meet FDA regulatory compliance and pass audits. Malisko has experience with designing, implementing, deploying and validating electronic records and signatures – Title 21 CFR Part 11 – for manufacturing automation.