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“We’re growing by 25% annually, and we have to keep our finger on the pulse, keep up with what’s happening. We can ‘touch’ new technologies before others do and see how they enter the real world. This allows us to adapt and makes our company different from others on the world market,” said EPAM co-founder and President Arkadiy Dobkin at the 25th annual EPAM Software Development Conference. Our well established Splunk Team consists of 40+ members - architects, developers, Big Data architects, Data scientists. Why EPAM: We are market leaders in product development services. Enabling Digital Transformation of our client's business. End-to-end service provider – one stop shop for digital programs of any scale.



EPAM Systems Inc

  Sergey Yezhkov

  41 University Dr Ste 202
Newtown, PA 18940-1873 United States

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41 University Dr Ste 202
Newtown, PA 18940-1873 United States
Phone: +1.267.759.9000




◻ Custom apps/plugins development ◻ Ingestion and events handling ◻ Data Modeling ◻ Business Logic and SPL ◻ Dashboards and UI ◻ Data Analytics(predictive/prescriptive) ◻ Performance optimization ◻

◻ Splunk premium products installation ◻ Configuration and verification ◻ Continuous support and maintenance

◻ Architecture design and evaluation ◻ Architecture vision ◻ Architecture super visioning

◻ Analytics consulting ◻ Splunk best practices training ◻ Configuration & Maintenance consulting ◻ Compliance and Security

EPAM Capabilities: - Aggregate SAP infrastructure monitoring data in Splunk Analytics (SolMan integration)- Ability to provide integration solutions for both on-premise and cloud version of SAP - Ability to include SAP infrastructure and business data in Splunk Enterprise Operational Intelligence Analytics - Ability to include SAP business data in Splunk Analytics (individual SAP application components via API integration) - Ability to provide integration solutions for both on-premise and cloud version of SAP ✏ Client Value Add: - SPLUNK as a single source of Enterprise Data DNA – Ability to track SAP infrastructure and business data in a single enterprise solution alongside with other enterprise components - New Operational Insights – Machine Learning based analytics that include SAP infra and business data in overall enterprise business operations insights - Easy migration to the cloud

Create a new system on top of Splunk for monitoring business flows (ETL), and visualizing and monitoring various critical metrics. Provide a tool (dashboard) for easy auditing and troubleshooting. * Create process monitoring in terms of crashes, stacks and critical errors * Integrate with Jira and MongoDB * Custom Glass Table dashboard for visualizing existing business flow * Data Models for ad-hoc reporting * Troubleshooting with user-friendly workflow * Performance improvements * Support and training






EPAM is a SAP Customer Experience Silver Partner. Contracted to help SAP to implement and configure SPLUNK for INFRASTRUCTURE MONITORING and MAINTENANCE. This was an example of using Splunk as troubleshooting and monitoring system powering up root cause analysis - - 40 systems connected to Splunk - Dynamic dashboards and web-ui configuration - Data sent via Splunk forwarder, REST API, JDBC, JMX interface, shell scripts execution results



FLEXIBLE REPORTING SYSTEM: Splunk as a consolidated operational data platform powering up customer data analytics, financial transactions analytics, SLA and performance monitoring - Customized dashboards and queries for reporting of data metrics across multiple systems - Integration with translation engines and eCommerce - Business dashboards customization



SPLUNK OEM REDISTRIBUTION: Splunk integration into the customer product Automation and configuration of Splunk components Splunk data license backup and restore Building reports and alerts Implementing dynamic dashboards with drill down



PROCESS HEALTH MONITOR: - Integration with Jira and MongoDB - Custom Glass Table dashboard for visualization of existing business flow. - Process monitoring in terms of crashes, stacks and critical errors



PERFORMANCE MONITORING & CAPACITY MANAGEMENT IMPROVEMENT Transition from 100+ different event sources, hundreds of hosts to collect events from and no consistent vision on performance metrics to single monitoring solution - Development of IT performance management strategy - Breakdown of services into hierarchy of components - Design and implementation of large-scale Splunk setup



PERFORMANCE, REPORTING & TROUBLESHOOTING TOOL - Troubleshooting live production issues and creating alerts - Mobile apps sending logs via Rest API, Backend – via Splunk Forwarder - Reports, alerts and troubleshooting



CONSOLIDATED LOG AGGREGATION: - Log collection from production and non-production environments - Splunk configuration activities - Search and alerting are used for operational needs



THREAT PROTECTION SYSTEM and PCI Compliance Splunk Enterprise Security v4.5.0. Advanced multi-department alerting. Integration with different components. More than 2k of log producing servers, 100+ heavy forwarders,