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The GigaSECURE Security Delivery Platform is a next generation packet broker that provides the most efficient and cost effective approach for ensuring network traffic can be routed to the tools that needs to inspect it for performance and security reasons. Gigamon provides Splunk Apps for a variety of purposes including ingesting network metadata specifically designed for a variety of security use-cases into Splunk Enterprise, automating security workflows with the Adaptive Response Framework in Splunk Enterprise Security and managing the Gigamon platform within Splunk Enterprise. The GigaSECURE platform allows users to surgically select network data, deliver it to the Splunk platform for analysis in a compact format and then automatically action necessary network changes to remediate or prevent threats.



Gigamon Inc.

  Phil Griston

  3300 Olcott St
Santa Clara, CA 95054-3005 United States

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3300 Olcott St
Santa Clara, CA 95054-3005 United States
Phone: +1.408.831.4000






Why Gigamon

Why Gigamon

Short animation highlighting GigaSECURE Security Delivery Platform capabilities.