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Converging Data makes your data work for you. Our team of Splunk experts will help you take the untapped data from your business and turn it into powerful business solutions. Get valuable, actionable insights and real-time information to make effective and accelerated decision making. Speak to us to start using data to transform your business.



Converging Data Ltd

  Neil Murphy
  0113 4510100

  Platform New Station Street
Leeds, West Yorkshire, Tyne and Wear LS1 4JB United Kingdom (GB)

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Platform New Station Street
Leeds, West Yorkshire, Tyne and Wear LS1 4JB United Kingdom (GB)
Phone: 0113 4510100




Take control of your IT Operations today. We help IT teams reduce business-impacting incidents, solve problems faster and transform the way they work.

Protect against current cyber security risks. Stay one step ahead and predict where the next attack could come from. We'll help secure your business, reduce risk and implement a security strategy.

Use Business Intelligence and Analytics to improve efficiencies, reach goals and get ahead of your competition. We help organisations make the future a reality with data solutions.

Use IoT data to drive business change. Round-up disparate data from your organisation’s connected systems, sensors and applications into one real-time platform to visualise, track and manage assets.

Converging Data offers flexible, reactive operational support for Splunk, which can be flexed and tailored to the specific requirements of your organisation.

Converging Data calls upon a team of Splunk Accredited Consultants to help you deploy and manage this powerful software quickly and effectively.





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