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Your Splunk journey only starts when you've bought the license. This is where we come in. We turn separate IT silo’s into well-integrated business functions that co-create. It is our joy and ambition to guide your business on that journey and along the way become a trusted and valuable member of that ecosystem. We see Splunk as the key data hub that you need in order to achieve this. Our highly skilled and certified consultants operate with an eye for your business needs and combine a diverse technical background with organizational change expertise. This enables us to guide your organization in the complex and often political change that Splunk requires. Our traineeship helps you adopting Splunk in your own organization.




  Erik Witte
  +31 852 736 386

  Bisonspoor 5006
Maarssen, ZH 3605LW Netherlands

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Bisonspoor 5006
Maarssen, ZH 3605LW Netherlands
Phone: +31 852 736 386




With UMBRiO Splunk Platform as a Service, your organization need no longer worry about configuring the Splunk platform, nor keeping it up and running. We will also on board any necessary data. This service is offered in three different platform options: on premise, in your own cloud environment and fully managed by UMBRiO. Our Splunk Platform as a Service solution allows your business to focus on maximizing the insights and analytics with Splunk so you can actually grow, without the headaches coming from maintaining and operating a platform! Moreover, using our Splunk Reference Architecture, you can rest assured that the implementation of your Splunk environment will be taken care of in a standard and best possible way.

Many organizations will recognize working with a CMDB on the one hand and a Splunk instance on the other. Maintaining the quantity and quality of the data and keeping it up to date is often the biggest challenge. It becomes even more challenging should you want to integrate your CMDB data into Splunk ITSI. Thankfully no longer, as we have developed a solution! UMBRiO's Data Quality Automation & Reporting app focuses on CMDB-to-ITSI and is targeted at Splunk ITSI customers that want to define Services based on their CMDB. It is also beneficiary to ITSI users wanting to leverage specific meaningful CI-data from the CMDB.

As one of the very few partners, we can offer you our in-house developed and Splunk approved reference architecture. For us, this architecture is the basis of our entire implementation process and hence for our standard way of working. With our reference architecture, you will never again have to doubt the viability of your Splunk setup!