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You need the DATA Mavericks, EMEA Rookie Partner of the Year 2018, to surf your future data waves – our combination of methodology, skill and technology will quickly deliver what you need today and tomorrow! We are a unit of Acceleris, which was established in 2003 by Pascal Stürchler. The privately owned company is distribution partner of several leading hardware and software manufacturers, with locations in Bern, Lausanne, Zurich and Bucharest. Don’t waste resources on oversized DATA initiatives. Experience, how our uniquely designed DATA Crunching FAST TRACK methodology delivers value for you, co-works at no risk to your organization and drives your innovation capabilities. Our delivery cycles are small to deliver quickly and improve fast. Let’s crunch your DATA wave!



Acceleris AG MSP

  Pascal Stuerchler

  Schosshaldenstrasse 85
Bern, 05 3006 Switzerland

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Schosshaldenstrasse 85
Bern, 05 3006 Switzerland
Phone: +41319113322