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We focus on innovations, continuous development of the skills of our staff and transferring knowledge to clients’ teams. We are designing and creating our own open source solutions in the areas of migration to open source, application containerization, hybrid cloud, DevOps, databases, middleware, IT automation. We are deeply engaged in research and development activities and developing of our own data science products, in collaboration with the academic community. We are providing consulting, implementation and maintenance services in the areas mentioned above. We are working closely with the global leaders such as Red Hat, IBM, EnterpriseDB, Splunk, Docker, Hortonworks, DXC Technology, Microsoft, Puppet, Suse, Oracle, DataStax, Zabbix czy Canonical. Our business is complemented by training courses - both authorized and proprietary.



Linux Polska

  Grzegorz Niezgoda
  (+48) 22 213 95 71

  Al. Jerozolimskie 100
Warszawa, 78 00-807 Poland

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Al. Jerozolimskie 100
Warszawa, 78 00-807 Poland
Phone: (+48) 22 213 95 71




Our portfolio includes the areas of application containerization, hybrid cloud, migration to open source, DevOps, databases, Linux server, middleware, IT automation, data science, and data analytics.