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SMT supports data driven decision making. Our technical specialists love to submerge themselves into complex matters. We think out-of-the-box and always in co-creation with your own specialists. This is how we create awareness of the potential of data within your organization. Most importantly: the added value of this data. SMT manages the transformation and translation of data into information that is valuable to our clients. Always in an innovative and sophisticated manner with up-to-date knowledge. That’s how we enable our customers to make data driven decisions. In the field of Big Data Analytics, we are the leading and strategic business partner for large organizations in the Benelux.



SMT Belgium

  Bruno Vandewalle
  +32 2 5800 060

  Leonardo Davincilaan 9
ZAVENTEM, Non-US/Canada 1930 Belgium

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Leonardo Davincilaan 9
ZAVENTEM, Non-US/Canada 1930 Belgium
Phone: +32 2 5800 060




We would love to give you a kick-start with Splunk! In just a few days, you will learn to create comprehensive reports and clear dashboards in Splunk. You will have an excellent basis for the future. We will start with a consultation to get a clear understanding of your requirements and what you want to achieve. Next, we will go through the following stages together: Infrastructure - Collection - Testing - Create clear dashboards - Customise user experience. By transferring knowledge to and in close cooperation with your organization, you will have a solid foundation for the proper integration of Splunk. You can also choose to do a more extensive path or adjust to your specific needs. Such as covering multiple cases, installing more Splunk Apps, custom made applications or dashboards, database links and a lot more. During an introduction consult the time which is required for the extended service will be determined.

Starting with Splunk is easy. You can download it for free, install it within minutes and start with it straightaway. But what exactly are the possibilities? What results can you achieve? And how do you do that with Splunk? During our interactive workshop we answer all of your questions. We host a workshop free of charge in which a certified Splunk trainer will show you the possibilities of Splunk. In three hours, we will address web interfaces, searches, dashboards and visualizations. It is an interactive session in which important tips and tricks are shared. We will give you a thorough substantial basic impression of the possibilities and what Splunk can do for you. In particular the added value of the solution to the Business, IT Operations and Security. A solid start for a follow-up process within your organization. It will take place at our office in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands or Zaventem, Belgium.

SMT is the only certified partner in the Benelux to offer the official Splunk training courses. Participants are trained extensively in the functionalities and techniques to use Splunk fully and efficiently. Once you have completed Splunk Fundamentals 1 and Fundamentals 2, you are eligible to take the Splunk Certified Power User test online. It is the perfect foundation for every user to start working with Splunk. As a next step, you can take it to the next level and become a Splunk Administrator or Splunk Architect. We also offer various training courses for Splunk Enterprise Security and Splunk IT Service Intelligence. We organize the training courses on a regular basis, check our website for the agenda.

Your organization does not have to be sick to get better. Instead, have your IT infrastructure reviewed by our technical and experienced consultants. Make sure your Splunk deployment always operates at peak performance. Our years of experience in designing, installing and implementing Splunk environments in various organizations, have led to a comprehensive list of best practices. We have consolidated this knowledge in a checklist with more than 50 topics which we use to thoroughly screen your current Splunk environment. After performing the healthcheck, you have a specified report that gives you valuable insights into your environment. It helps you to maximize the usage of your Splunk environment and to proactively prevent potential obstacles.