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OnX—Delivering Information Technology Solutions Throughout North America and the U.K. We leverage technology to inspire innovation, promote growth, drive efficiency and accelerate our clients’ success. Our focus is on understanding our clients’ unique business challenges and desired outcomes. At OnX, we think about the entire lifecycle of the technologies employed by our clients and work with them using a holistic approach to help them achieve their goals. We do this by assessing, designing, building and managing solutions customized for each client’s needs to deliver exceptional results.




  Charles Harrison

  5 Penn Plaza 14th Floor
New York, NY 10001 United States

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5 Penn Plaza 14th Floor
New York, NY 10001 United States
Phone: 609-636-8656




The OnX Splunk Health Check Service provides a health check and performance assessment of an existing Splunk architecture on up to four (4) Splunk instances. OnX will work to identify performance issues with searches and dashboards along with recommending approaches to improve performance and scalability of your Splunk environment. Our Professional Services delivery follows a standard methodology and best practices for performing Splunk analysis for our clients.

The demand for highly skilled technical professionals just keeps growing, forcing you to compete for the IT talent you need to reach your business and technology goals. And there are times when you need a specialist to implement a new technology or to overcome a challenge that keeps your company from growing. OnX, a CBTS Company meets this need with OnDemand Residency Services, a time and materials-based service that deploys highly vetted, trained and certified IT specialists backed by our experienced team of technology professionals.

Onx offers a full range of services from design, architecture and implementation to insure your success with Splunk-based security solutions. Splunk software transforms machine-generated data into valuable insights that can help make your business more productive, profitable and secure. Splunk lets you see real-time information from security and network devices, operating systems, databases and applications on one timeline, enabling security teams to quickly detect and understand the end-to-end implications of security events.

OnX, a CBTS Company offers a full range of assistance from design, architecture, integration and implementation services to ensure you achieve successful business outcomes and a positive return on your investment in Splunk Operations Analytics. OnX Services can also assist you after your Operations Analytics effort is complete.