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Security and Service Intelligence is what we do, Digital Service Excellence is what we strive for. Founded on the premise that true mastery can only be achieved by extreme focus, we assembled a peculiar group of uniquely skilled and dedicated specialists and architects whom, with a focus on security and operational management, thrive like no other within the vast universe of data and data analytics. Propelled by an unseen eagerness to continuously improve our knowledge we’ve dedicated ourselves to guide you to Digital Service Excellence, a level of quality where every single one of your customers has a premium experience, has full trust when sharing their data and therefore can achieve the full value of your service.



Davinsi Labs NV

  Bram Fabeck
  +32 3 3049512

  Borsbeeksebrug 28
Berchem, Brussels (Capital) 2600 Belgium

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Borsbeeksebrug 28
Berchem, Brussels (Capital) 2600 Belgium
Phone: +32 3 3049512




A well designed security intelligence infrastructure should be the cornerstone of any IT security office. Continuous monitoring, metrics based management and detailed insights will help to set strategies, guide decisions and make the appropriate investments. Our current areas of expertise: Security Information and Event Management Billions of security events are logged every day. Are they worth it? Yes. Somewhere in there is the little gold nugget to support your next decision. Security Information and Event Management collects all security event data and enables you through active analysis and correlation to find that missing piece of intelligence you were (not?) looking for. Vulnerability Management: With thousands of newly discovered vulnerabilities every year, one can easily estimate the size of the challenge when managing an enterprise infrastructure. Vulnerability intelligence provides in-depth information on the actual security status of your infrastructure. Now you know where your weakest links are and can start fixing them. User Activity Monitoring The insider threat remains a huge challenge for any organisation. Once people are trusted with access, a whole new risk matrix is added to the equation. User Activity Monitoring intelligence provides the insight necessary to understand if users adhere to granted privileges and boundaries set by acceptable use policies.