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CYBERSECURITY Whether you defend a Commercial enterprise, DOD agency, or charity, your mission is enabled and accelerated by technology. Maintaining compliance, architecting for security, and properly securing the enterprise are now more aligned by vertical than ever before. Strong security posture in the digital world requires aligning progressive technology with significant domain expertise. DATA ANALYTICS Modern businesses rely on data driven decisions to better steer the enterprise, understand current situational state, and to architect the offerings of tomorrow. One of our primary practice areas, Data Analytics is a vertical developed to ease the data journey, providing expertise and functionality from ingestion to modeling regardless of scale, use cases, and mission.




  Tim Hall

  1835 Forest Dr Ste A
Annapolis, MD 21401-4432 United States

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1835 Forest Dr Ste A
Annapolis, MD 21401-4432 United States
Phone: +1.410.267.1904




Blackwood provides focused service offerings to close the gap between design and reality. Our in house and partnered solutions align with our strategic focus areas, from project planning to advanced consulting. Outside of core project planning, knowledge transfer and implementation capabilities, Blackwood offers cybersecurity functions from assessment to incident remediation, and data analytics solutions from design and data hygiene to full blown implementation workshops. We take a prescriptive approach to enablement by aligning our deliverables to your strategic and mission centric goals.